Based in Brisbane, Australia.

Maximum Audio offers RECORDING and MIXING services on the move, all equipment is studio quality yet assembled in a way that it is completely mobile for operation in the comfort of your own space! live performance at local venues, concert halls, rehearsal rooms, name your sonic adventure and we can make it happen! However if you prefer a traditional studio environment that is no problem.


Besides specialising in location recording of live performance (live music videos) I enjoy working on film post production / sound design projects and have won awards for Best Musical Score as well as Best Sound Design for a small handful of Brisbane short films.

Equipment available for your session:

Conversion – Antelope 32 in / 32 out

Preamps – SSL, Midas

Microphones – Beesneez, AKG, Shure, Rode

Professional video production solutions are also available.


Artists I’ve had to pleasure to create with:

Queensland Korean Orchestra – Devin Townsend – Caligula’s Horse – The Ocean Collective – Osaka Punch – Weightless In Orbit – Sum Of Us – He Danced Ivy – Dane Pulvirenti – Opus Of A Machine – Interim – Zed Charles – Balloons Kill Babies – Netta Lavon – Lavidius – Jeremy Williams – Thred Wire – Rachael Graham – Gravy – Ace Rodriguez – Adrian Goleby – Irukandji – The Buzzbees – Alex Smith

Please check out some of these projects below:

“Grip” short film for My Rode Reel 2019

[Sound Recordist/Sound Designer]

“The Ocean Collective (Germany) – Abyssopelagic II: Signals of Anxiety” Performed Live at Brightside Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“Devin Townsend (Canada) – March of the Poozers” Performed Live at MaxWatts Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“Weightless In Orbit – Valediction” Performed Live at MaxWatts Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“Balloons Kill Babies – Prodromal” Performed Live at Brightside Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“Interim – She’s The Devil” Performed Live at The Triffid Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Camera Operator]

“Lavidius – Concentrated Hatred” Performed Live at The Back Room Brisbane

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“L.A.M.P – Periphery Jazz Arrangement”

[Live Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Cameras/Video Editing]

“Irukandji – Bitch”

[Studio Recording/Mixing/Mastering]

“Echotide – Her Back to the Sun”

[Studio Drum Recording Only]

“Osaka Punch – Mankiller”

[Camera Operator]

“Opus Of A Machine – Crack In The Soul LIVE ACOUSTIC VERSION”

[Camera Operator]

“Caligula’s Horse – Inertia + Cannon’s Mouth LIVE”

[Camera Operator]